06 Jan

Now don’t you think its time to wake up, grow up and really look at the issues? 

Trump, if your aware is being taken off of at least 5 states Ballots.. which means.. you can’t vote for him and even if you write his name on the ballot, it won’t be counted.. So.. this means he’s really out.. He doesn’t realize it yet, but he’s out.  So what do you have left on the playing field.. not to darn much people.. none worth keeping or taking home for dinner.. Bush, he’s already crashed and burned and saw that the hill was bringing out the big guns.. her hubby.. just to sway the crowd, so Bush decided.. heck he would bring out big bubba to bring people over..  Problem is, their are too many people out there that are aware.. Clinton Hubby has a sexual history..  How not to be impeached for having blow jobs by interns in the Oval Office..   Then of course you have big Bubba,  well the fact that he planned the Iraq war, the theories being re-introduced about the planes that didn’t crash, the missile hitting the pentagon.. Darn you know I remember someone mentioning on tv, about missiles that day.. wonder which channel commentator it was?  Then of course big bubba was heading to swedon, when that horse hit the brakes.. cowboy-hitting-the-horse-brakes-cartoon-by-ron-leishman-55552 cause he heard, they knew he was coming and they were getting the arrest warrants ready to grab up his sorry ass.. darn must have been a surprise, surprise.. well not enough of a surprise or they would have got him..


Bet his Daddy was fit to be tied.. the boy can no longer walk all over the world, use it, lie to it, create wars and fires within, and have people tortured to suit his pleasure, and help keep his secrets hidden..  I’ve heard of the secret video tapes, of young boys being raped by our own soldiers, while their Mommas had to watch.. what a sick bunch of dogs this man let loose on Iraq and afghanistan.  Now remember, the hanging.. 

Saddam Hussein Charged With Genocide in 50,000 Deaths, also charged with Warn Crimes..

What if our Big Bubba was also charged with the deaths of all of our young people who were sent over to Iraq and afghanistan, also all of their people who died in the conflicts. would without doubt exceed 50,000 people. plus the torture of the prisoners.. What kind of man was this bush wacker..  His day will come in court.. his day of arrest for him and chaney will come..

Was that enough violence to wake up your south carolina sleepy day..  Now, haven’t you had enough republicans yet? or is it just those involved in the we have to be agressive and violent and throw guns and flags around..  The others.. planning on voting blue..  Well here’s the story folks.. you have a couple of choices to make.. its simple, its not brain surgery..  Both candidates are running under the blue.. the democratic status..  one is a female, you know the one who’s husband has the Johnson that he used frequently.. but not at home with the wifey..  The other is what people are calling a Socialist Jew..  Well just encase you aren’t aware of this and you need to wave your Christian Flag.. first of all, when’s the last time you heard anything about the bill and the hill going to Church.. not big Christians folks.. Can’t be when your priority is raking in the money, overpowering the little people, and wanting to rule the world..   Now.. this Socialist Jew, does he sound familiar at all, wanting to feed the people, house the poor, educate the children, give you health insurance.. protect you from the popo.. Ever heard of a Socialist Jew named Jesus Christ?  Humm he might just be mentioned in your Bible.. So, if Jesus could be a Socialist Jew who helped create your Christian Churches.. why are you still stuck on the phrase Socialist.. Have you ever thought to look the damn thing up..  What does Socialist mean…   Do you know what the word Social means.. Did you study Social studies in school?  Lets see.. Social.. the people.. for the people, by the people.. darn that phrase sounds familiar, could it mean that were not talking communist here we are talking about society, taking care of society.. for the people, by the people.. Now back in 2012 ask a question..Is President Obama Truly A Socialist?   I can assure you of one thing.. no the hillary is not a socialist.. she’s what they refer to as republican-democrat, republican lite.   And you guys thought voting for the hill was voting for a democrat right.. gotcha.. that she did.. its a gotcha.. you think your voting for the blue.. hell people its purple…


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