The Woman wants Votes?

30 Nov

The story begins when the woman was a first lady back in 1998,  her comments apparently didn’t gripe people well enough then, but there was a return in 2000, and again in 2007, and now.. As she comments she made the claim that people on welfare who find jobs and enter back into the world leave the welfare status behind, “No Longer Deadbeats”.   The transition from welfare to work as a “transition from dependency to dignity.”


Now that comment might appease some, but it certainly should anger others..

lets start with who’s on Welfare, Food Stamps.. etc.  Lets look at the requirements for obtaining assistance..


In order to receive this welfare, any childless, able-bodied adult between 18 & 49 must meet work requirements in order to take part in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP.)





Bottom line, this is a woman who wants your trust and belief that she can lead this country, and respect all voters,  now if your working and paying taxes in her view point, you have responsibility and dignity.. but if your on the system, your a dead beat.. and she wants you to vote for her.. to trust her to lead this country..   Now, many Military families are on welfare, and many Veterans are on welfare.. many Elderly are on welfare..  So, along with the single Moms who need welfare to assist them in raising their children, They in that womans opinion are all deadbeats..  My opinion, Hillary Clinton, your the deadbeat, and you’ve made your millions off of people.. Go back to what you do best.. The rumors are out there..  We don’t need you to fill the slot in the Oval Office..  We have Bernie Sanders to do that.


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