Your Sunday Morning Thoughts.

29 Nov

12313575_609048582568016_2116923414575969560_n  Ever hear of that page, if not go take a peek.. what you find I hope you choose wisely on like or dislike, this is the new republican-democrat.. this came out of the clinton administration.. and is the backing for hillary.  you  look hard enough you find senators and representatives who are listed on the site.. You will even find that Obama is a member of this issue.. Its not just a national organization its international and some say it links to “one world order”, Hillary and Bill both do, with Soros and with Rothchild.


The new democrats who tell the DNC what to do.. Your opinion as a voter, you don’t have one with this organization.. all your to do is vote the way the party tells you to..  See, thats the caution.. Don’t vote your choice, vote as your told.. And thats the problem with this election, the DNC is telling their members.. that Hillary is the golden calf.. vote for her..  So the next question.. are you brainless.. and a follower?


So, if you care about the world you live, the way your children can and will be raised, you need to wake up and realize.. For some strange reason, things are changing in this country, laws, Police, government, women’s lack of rights.. the issues on war.. the white supremacy, the kkk both home grown terrorist.. the shootings.. the vast amount of mental ill people, the infrastructure falling apart..  Hillary will put us to war with anyone who wants to fight.. she is a warmonger..  Don’t count on her protecting womens rights.. she doesn’t care, she never has.. why start now.. Ask the Attorney who was the 12 year old rape victim..  The young lives with that rape and the indignity of how she was treated by Hillary..  She will never get past that hate and anger and violation..  When reminded on the situation, hillary snickers and laughs..  Zhillary3-777x437

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