18 Nov

This past few days the discussion of the Syrian Refugees coming into the country has reached an excessive point..  Many of the governors of some states have refused to allow them to enter.. The amazing point on that, each one that refuses can be impeached, and I’m so hoping that the first one is North Carolina.. Love to see that jerk removed, in handcuffs.. You know what they say, sometimes they don’t always get you for all the bad things in life you do, it just takes that one time..  His time will come.. and  we will celebrate.

Now lets go back to the Refugees..  This photo, I can hardly bear to have on my Facebook.. It literally breaks my heart..  My Great Grandson is not much older than this precious baby was, and it drown while the parent were trying to escape Isis..


These are the Syrians people are so terrified of….


Are any of you afraid of this baby girl.. She was surrendering to a photographer, she thought the camera was a gun…


So, lets talk about Christians.. American Christians that go to church each Sunday, Wednesday..   Some claim to be Christian and even tell people that God Talks to them..  Well, let me fill you in a bit, and tell you.. Many of these Syrians are Christian too.  They just don’t attend the same church the Americans do.. as if that should make a difference..  If it does, can you guys spell the word Hypocrite?   So I challenge all of you Christians on the internet, who are so terrified of The Syrians because.. Isis might be within.. Well have you figured it out yet.. these people are running from Isis, why would they want them running away with them.. There is a floating photo on Facebook, of children who were shot by Isis tiny bodies left to rot on the ground. And to boot all.. you have the republican fools who desperately need attention, reporting God talks to them.. My opinion.. they all need to be very careful, because I don’t believe its God talking to them.. I’m not sure what entity it is.

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