Elections that are Rigged !!

11 Nov

One would never think that The Democratic Party would ever rig an election..  Its not within the Policy, but it certainly seems to be the intent of one Debbie W. Schultz..  Why is she still head of the Democratic Party, who has the last word in throwing her completely out of the position of Chairman?   Is this my imagination.. or is it a conspiracy theory?  Well if it is, bots and gurls.. I’m not alone out here..

‘ The Democratic Party seems to have decided, before the election race even began, that Hillary Clinton would be their nominee.’

‘Nearly every Clinton supporter, from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to Delaware Senator Tom Carper is getting significant media attention. In 2014, Hillary already had 60 Democrats endorse her in 2014 in a poll conducted by The Hill, before she even announced she was running for president. That’s nearly twenty percent of the Democratic Party in office. ‘

‘ The dictator-like leadership of Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, it is no surprise that very few endorsements have gone in favor of Mr. Sanders over Hillary Clinton.’

Needless to say, the Democratic Party is changing into something radical and relentless.  Making political decisions for the voters rather than encouraging the voters to make their own choices. what is becoming?  We fought for our independence for the right to be independant and make our own choices.. and here Hillary Clinton installs her good friend and buddy into the Democratic Chair position, to serve Hillary Clinton.. The Clinton war machine..  Clinton Bankers..  Congress puts out information on how bad fracking is, and Clinton supports Fracking..

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