Amazing.. How to Micro-Manage Bernie Sanders.

10 Nov

In the last couple of weeks, we have watched Hillary running behind Bernie with a notepad and tape recorder, trying to make sure she gets every word for her next speech and rally.. The term Shape-Shifter fits her to a tee…

Next, we find out that she’s associated with a think tank called Third-Way, which came up with new policies and rules, apparently for the Democratic party to follow..  You have to wonder.. Does this group run the Democratic Party?  Why does this group have the appearance of being international.. Photos found of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair associated with this group, make you wonder.. Then you find out that the group is made up of members of the prior Clinton administration.. and they all seem to be Bankers – lawyers attached to wall street..  getting the gest yet…  try checking it out..

Third Way in struggle for the Democratic Party’s soul

Protesters gathered outside Third Way’s offices in Washington, D.C., in December 2013, asking the group to reveal its funding sources.



Then you have this guy out of the clear blue sky who pops up and say’s  “I was a troll for Hillary”  his job was to troll Bernie supporters and put out bad info… and for some odd reason, he gained a soul….

An Alleged Hillary Shill Talks About Being Paid To Smear Bernie Sanders

Oh but we are not through yet..  Seems like another article popped up.. and its based on the unique possibility that someone, associated in the Hill Camp, may well have tried to set Bernie Sanders up this past weekend..  Tried to make it look like Bernie had postings against the Donald..  Well, that didn’t work out either.. Seems that someone in the know has their eyes and ears open on the web and it was a slam dunk foiled attempt and put out for all to see…

We redacted some of the comment:

“”redacted ” May Have Just Committed Election Fraud — And the Internet Found Out (Part 1)”


All this leads up to a news article released today..

He set himself up as the guy who’d run a clean campaign on the issues — which is why going negative is so risky

; author of the article.. this is the most hypocritical article I’ve seen in a long time.. not only does hillary talk out of the side of her mouth.. her followers run around the web calling everyone who fails to agree with them as Trolls.. and this man? who apparently doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground, and probably paid by a hill supporter on the side.. puts this out in bold head lines..  Well we hate to tell Legum, but the only one who has trapped themselves in negative campaigning is Hillary and her supporters, and it also seems this article came out after an article stating that hillary was just not electable….. and suggested her supporters have second thoughts now, because their continued support may cause this election to fall into republican hands that she cannot beat.. So today, its lets attack Bernie again..  Hypocrites…..

Bernie Sanders has trapped himself: Why going negative on Hillary could prove fatal to his campaign

REALLY??   12065820_954628191283596_2012084247504133817_n

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