Bozo Pastor.. just screwed the GOP Over..

02 Nov

The members of the GOP and most of the republican Christian men, are always trying to out do each other on fixing women..  Gonna put those ole gals in their place.. Now, I’ll tell you one thing, I have already found where these people lie big time to their voter base, caught one..  Representative Lee.. pulled one, telling his voter base how the horrible liberals were passing laws to dig into social security and how Paul Ryan saved it..  And the truth was, paul ryan and he does not deserve to have his name in capitals.. was the brute digging into the social security.. it was his idea.. telling you.. they all live in a world of pan..  So, there you go republican female voters.. they are using you, lying like dogs to you, and using you.. Now, you have this idiot Arkansas pastor jeff crawford who hits the stage and he has his little face mic..


And he says…..  Women do not have rights over their own bodies; cause their bodies belong to God!!   My response to this flat footed arkansas bubba..  Not shit sherlock…   and it gives no man a right to say a word !!  No republican arkansas bubba pastor.. jeff crawford or any republican man, or member of the GOP in Congress..  the rights over a womans body is between her and God.. therefore he’s screwed you guys royally……

All women have to say now… mind your own damn business the bunch of you radical idiots… God is in charge not you……

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