Awh November 1, 2015

01 Nov

First thing this morning I find a video of Bernie Sanders out with the Grandkids, Trick or Treating..  Now, I know how much that means to the kids.. always love hanging out with Grandma or Grandpa.. But its the faces of the Elderly men who meet Bernie for the first time that really takes the video.. Excited, oh yeah..  

Now, just a story or two down from this treat.. was a story of The hill and The bill and how much money they had made in just a few months..

  Clintons Receive More Than $25 Million From Speeches in Past 16 MonthsUntitled20151101063852

So, for standing up and talking to people they have made this huge amount of money.. right.. what have they done for the American People?  What have they done for the Homeless?  What have they done to help feed the Homeless or give them Shelter?  Its going to be a cold winter.. shelter is needed, warm coats, hot foods, shoes, boots..  How many children never get to celebrate Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas?  Have nice warm beds or blankets to sleep under, and these two people reveal in their fortune?  Not impressed..

How many movie stars .. support Hillary??  I wonder.. I keep getting many emails with movie starts names on them, and never for one moment believed they actually came from those people, comes from the imagination of Debbie W. Schultz in the DNC..  But I ran across this article, and I thought.. Wow.. If all of these famous movie starts knew what Hillary really thought of them, would they endorse her??  Try Google if you don’t believe what I post.. and the words to insert  are Spielberg and Hillary Clinton..


Now this is the comment, I’m sure all of those with glim and glitter will so appreciate…..


“She allegedly said: ‘I get $250,000 to give a speech, and these Hollywood jackasses are going to tell me how to do it!’ “

——————————————————————                                                     ———————————————————————–

Everytime I see that comment, I ask myself.. who is the real jackass….. And she wants to be President…   Wow…  Think NOT!!!

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