Where is The Ted Cruz Momma?

29 Sep

This Secret doesn’t lie with “Charlotte”..  It lies with Ted Cruz and his Mom and Dad..  And Ted Cruz is not a National Treasure, he is a Canadian Jerk who’s manifested a story to allow him to stay in the States.. And to run for Congress and now for President..

Now the story goes,  he is the child of a Cuban National who was an immigrant into the United States, she was married to a man with two children living in Texas.. She and the Cuban got together and headed north for Canada..  Hubby divorced her, and she and her Cuban began working for the oil company in Canada, and became Canadian Citizens..  She then became pregnant with el jerko and gave birth to him in Canada.. So, this means that she and the Cuban and their son born out of wedlock were all three Canadian citizens..  After returning to the united states, they did divorce in Texas.. and both she and the Cuban have remarried.. But her whereabouts is widely being searched for and can’t be located.. only one photo of the Canadian Jerk and his parents  was found, and another he’s with a group of boys, at some type of graduation, oddly enough, his skin tone does not match the other boys.. is it a flash or is it photo shopped? make up your own mind. Don’t you think its odd that upon returning to the states, and not becoming a legal US citizen until 2005,  that daddy the Cuban could afford to send his boy to Princeton?




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