Democrat’s Choices..

02 Sep

The race for the White House seems to placed on two primary people at this point..


Hillary Clinton..  Well respected Democrat, has a history of Career Attorney, First Lady in Arkansas first lady, President Clintons, first lady,  NY Senator and Head of State. She also has a few issues that have had to be worked through..  Now, she does have a large group of supporters who are blind in the sense, thinking that the only reason people won’t vote for Hillary is.. She’s a Woman.. Others think she has a bit of baggage to bring forth..

What I think, I’m sure isn’t impressive to others..But its my blog and I get to voice my opinion.. First of all, I think there will come a time for a Woman President.. One who is strong, determined and with the ability to run this County.. Thats not Hillary.  There is a difference between wanting to be President, and being President.. Hillary does not have the tenacity to run this Country, and she without doubt would take as much abuse from what lingers in congress from the GOP’s,  they would mistreat her as they have President Obama.. What do the two have in common? Both are Democrat’s, both ran for Office.  Now, the question I have to ask in return for those who are adamant about voting for Hillary..

Why do you want to see her in Office, because she is a female?

You are aware that who ever goes into Office must be a Strong motivated person, who takes nothing off of what would linger titled GOP..

Because you think others don’t want her in office because she’s a female?

Or is it because your local County and State are telling you that Hillary is the chosen candidate and you need to stand with them in supporting Hillary..  You do realize that this could cause a major division in the party and could cost an election?  Well, I will not allow any party to tell me how to vote, when I know that its detrimental to my Country..  If your so adamant about a woman President, give it a few years and you will have the best.. The absolute Best Female for President, will be Elizabeth Warren.. Strong, Determined, and she takes the GOP on and continues to stand.. They cannot get the best of Elizabeth Warren.. She’s tough..

So, where ill my vote go?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Untitled20150902091012

Senator Bernie Sanders

The man.. Who’s been in the shadows since the mid 60’s, been right there all of these years with the same concepts and determination that we have to day..  never faltered, he knew the time would come when we would finally wake up and find him.

He’s stayed in politics, as Major and Senator.. Strong, determined, and takes nothing from the GOP.. had they listened, he voted no for the war in Iraq.. you know the one we were lied to about.. His voting record and bills he has presented, haven’t wavered over the years, still trying to accomplish whats best for the American Voters.  While he’s on the campaign trail, he’s still a US Senator, who is introducing the same Bills into Congress that he is promising to do in his campaign.. In short he’s doing was he says he will, and its prior to election..

The vast following that Bernie Sanders has obtained is overwhelming, people who have gathered together, who communicate with one another, all seeking the same elements in life, no more war, peace, feeding and housing the poor, educating our young people, health care, creating jobs, rebuilding the infrastructure of the United States, stopping the vast killings by law enforcement, the total for 2015 is currently 700 unarmed citizen shot and killed by Law Enforcement.  And allowing women to have their independence and equality back..  like removing laws that stipulate that single mothers can be terminated from their employment.. To bring us further into saving the earth with renewable energy, to work towards banning coal and oil production, to stop the pipeline, off shore drilling, fracking.  See there are many elements that all of us are concerned with and with Bernie Sanders we have a chance.. without him, we would end up with the same problems being un-addressed.

A question was ask.. how does Bernie plan on providing services such as education, simple he said.. we put a .50 tax on each stock that sold and it would pay for free College.  Taxing the 1% and stopping the vast deductions corporations have, will pay for medicare for everyone.. See the elements are there.. it just takes a man who is not involved with these corporations to know where to obtain the funds.  Bernie will bring jobs back to this country, and corporations who have their labor overseas to avoid labor cost and taxing, that will change they will pay to bring those items back into this country for sale. Its no longer a free ride in the world of Bernie Sanders.

Were seeing the Purple color attached to Bernie, and the answer to the questions of why.. its a combination of republicans who are so through with whats occurring in the republican party, their ownership being People like the koch brothers.. shutting down the government..  people are tired and moving over to Bernie..  Democrats who want changes, who want a strong leader, who want a better life for themselves and their children.. Therefore you take the Red from the Republicans changing over and the Blue from the Democrats voting and supporting Bernie and you now have Purple..                                         10406683_896532343717171_931871749848341899_n


A vote for needed changes in our County.. is a Vote for Bernie Sanders.

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