30 Aug

You find these creatures on both parties..  And their description is a elected official in The President, Vice President, Senators, Representatives, current and past.. You get the idea.. anyway any candidate who has the majority of super delegates supporting him and her, will end up as the chosen one by the party or parties.  In short chosen as the Candidate tor run against the other party.

For sometime the DNC has had major problems with their Chairperson.. lots of articles, seems she has her own agenda and it people are not happy with her..  Right now.. the issue on how many Super Delegates does Hillary have, already claiming a majority of them, also the limitation of debates to be held, and the current chairperson having a rather stubborn attitude has limited the amount of debates to be held.

This past week they held the summer Convention, and the current Candidates attended and all spoke to the attending Delegates, oddly enough a commentary by one of the Delegates stated, we came to hear Hillary speak, but we stayed to hear Bernie.. And upon his opening statement, the room broke out in cheers.  It does seem that Bernie Sanders is an amazing man, he draws people.

Anyway.. the race is on, the issues with the chairperson continue.. The Candidates are covering the US drawing crowds.. Bernie’s to date have been overwhelming, and one of the amazing factors, which he is so proud of.. The average donation he has received to date, is $33.51 and 99% of donations were under $250. raising about 15 million.  No donations from oil or coal companies.. no donations from wealthy people, no donations from corporations.  All Grassroots voters, supporters.  Amazing man..  If you haven’t heard of Bernie Sanders, and I can’t imagine any of you haven’t..  For those of you who feel its necessary to put a female in office, I only wish to remind you.. The republicans are at war with women, a war I believe was based on their projecting that Hillary would run, and might possible win..  My opinion.. I don’t think she is strong enough to handle the problems with the current Gop in office, and I do know that who ever is put into the White House, needs to be very strong, very determined..  Hillary has already been swayed in her opinion on the Iran issues..  She has also made the comment, that she can’t answer any question about the oil pipeline, that she would need to wait until elected to make a decision.. thats a little odd.. think Hillary is pro pipeline, pro fracking.. pro war in Iran.. scary thing about it.. her pro’s sound too republican versus democrat.. Sort a kind a..   Anyway…….




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