The Book Club

25 Aug

The question is:  Have you ever joined a book club, where you meet with other members, discuss the book chosen to read, and of course enjoy one another’s company?   What about a quilt club? or any club that women can spend time with others enjoying their company, talking and relaxing?  Well, we are going to have a discussion about a club but rather than describing this particular club and incidence verbally, we will use media.  You know they say a photo is worth a thousand words..

A group of black women were escorted off of a train taking them on a wine tour after a white woman complained they were laughing loudly. After the women, who are all members of a book club, exited the train they were met by a group of police officers.”






And the Complaining Woman.. By the By.. I made her photo small because it takes a small person to be so selfish and cruel. So just in case you ever have to run into this small person.. remember “don’t laugh” ..


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