Seattle Rally

09 Aug

Excitement was racing all over social media this past week, in the anticipation of the Bernie Sanders rally.. A very large volume of people were expected to attend the rally.  Well, the excitement was short lived, when what is being described on social media as a pair of radical women, one was has been deemed as an internet troll.. jumped up onto the platform and confronted Bernie Sanders, making demands, standing directly in front of him so the crowd could not see him, nor with their loud and obnoxious verbal demands, Bernie couldn’t say anything..

Now, this event has been televised now by all major networks, I can assure you, what ever strategy these women had, they have caused themselves far more trouble than their worth..  One of the women is self described as a Nanny for an organization, whereas the other describes herself on social media as a disabled person.. Oddly enough, she had little problem climbing upon that stage and raising her voice, also the website they are both dedicated to request donations..  So, question for this lady.. You don’t receive a Disability pension do you.. rather young for that..

Bernie Sanders, released a statement as per the even, that caused him to just quietly leave the stage while the two women continued with their demands..


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Now, Since the radicals claimed to be associated with BLM movement.  Thats going to end up being either confirmed or denied by the organization..  First they say these people aren’t associated, and then the information and declaration is removed to make it appear there is a change of heart.. Now the question is was there any involvement in the planning? The radicals work from their own page.. and they posted a media release..  shows their intent to disrupt.

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Another association has appeared.. and one that appears to be ..Untitled201508090909422 radical group in process.

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Now this is the sad part of this entire situation.. Bernie Sanders was the only candidate who follows the problems involving Law Enforcment, the brutality, the deaths.. He is the only candidate who would stand up and fight the problem, He’s the only one who has taken time to talk to anyone from the BLM..  If they think that anyone else in the Democratic Party is willing, sadly mistaken.. and if they believe that anyone in the republican party is interested.. thats a joke.. and the deaths will continue.. You have to ask, why choose Bernie?  Why try to hold him responsible for any of this?  Thats where there is one more question to ask.. Are these paid blogger, demonstrators?  How low can they go..

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