Raising Minimum Wage..

03 Aug

“In 2012, 75.3 million workers in the United States age 16 and over were paid at hourly rates, representing 59.0 percent of all wage and salary workers. Among those paid by the hour, 1.6 million earned exactly the prevailing federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.Feb 26, 2013

There has been so much back and forth commentary on raising the minimum wage.. in the midst they have posted the overwhelming salaries of the CEO’s of major corporations..  Now, Walmart seems to have gotten the message and they have raised their salaries, and asking for surveys when you go through line..  McDonald’s, well they decided to get rid of their people for the most part and put in robotic systems.. Well, lets be honest about this, when people finally wake up and figure out what their eating at mcD’s.. then they will need a robotic system, because their won’t be any business.  Isn’t it amazing how much money Ronald McDonald the clown and the play ground brought in.. Now.. this is a thought.. maybe it could be a challenge.. We are all aware of the hourly wage people in stores all over this Country.. From Grocery Stores,  Food Service, Retail, Medical, Discount, Pharmacy, Alarms, law enforcement, fire department, services such as garbage pickup, lawn care, babysitting, day cares, City, State and Governments jobs, etc.  The reality is, this country survives on hourly waged workers.  Without these workers, nothing in the business world would be done.. Nothing would open in the morning, to be there for all your needs..  Think about it..  All of these corporations who want to control our Government, who want to keep the wage earners down and in a controllable position..  All corporations, business’s wealth, along with man of the 1percent, non tax paying citizens, all earn their vast wealth on the backs of  hourly wage earners.  I offered a concept that it would take a week of strike to taken everyone of the corporations or business’s to their knees..  No earners working, no open stores, and voters who stand behind these workers, boycott each and every one of them..  See salaried personnel such as assistant and mangers would be forced to keep the stores open.. Even without workers inside.. From 6am until 12pm at night. Wage earners support this entire Nation, and these are the workers who Congress has deemed as not worthy enough to wage their income? Even to the point of claiming well McDonald workers can’t get an order right, so they don’t deserve a raise..  Point being, these people are standing in hot kitchens 8 to 10 hours a day, not always allowed breaks, which are suppose to be mandatory by OSHA..

So, lets pull a few comments.. Stick to the Subject ..  If your trolling, be advised it will be thrown into spam .. will not appear .. don’t waste your time ..

Now my opinion is, it would take no more than one week, for a Nation Wide Strike and Boycott, to change their minds. As to the importance of the increasing the hourly wages and determining just how important these workers are.. 



On a Political Note.. “Feel the Bern” 

This is one.. just one.. of Bernie Sanders intents on changing, he has promoted the raise of wages..


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