Unfolding of Cover up .

25 May

The Duggar Story is not knew, it was actually put out in July 2014, apparently it just took a released police report for action online to be taken.  Now back in September of 2014 TLC was petitioned to take their show “19 Kids and Counting” off the air, because of the allegations..  Now, the politicians who were caught in the limelight are having hissy fits.. and there are a few Democrats who have their face clearly shown, much like  Bill Clinton.. But those who had shown up bright and shiny with Josh Duggar were the new polished GOP Politicians who are now running for president in 2016, Cruz is first to mud raked, and of course Huckleberry farm from Arkansas has stoop up and said, oh my theres nothing to see here.. he said he was sorry.. Which I guess means, its okay for teenage boys to molest young girls as long as they say their sorry.. Of course the Dad reported to the authorities.. Guess what.. it wasn’t immediately if thats what they want you to believe, just like the counseling for both boys and girls as per the Dad.. uh oh.. see Josh was sent away to help build a house, the girls.. I guess the best way to describe their counseling.. Suck it up ..   Now, this is where it  begins to get interesting..  The police report was discovered, and it was put online..  of course the girls names and descriptive details were redacted.. now remember this, names and details were redacted..

But, someone went to a Judge in Arkansas.. as a victim being identified in the police report, and requested that it be pulled.. Now that victim would have to be a juvenile, under the age of 18 and this issue was reported back in December of 2006.. And had occurred prior, in fact prior enough that the statue of limitations had run out on the case, thats why Josh had not been charged or convicted even as a juvenile for the molesting of these young girls. Which is a shame there was a statute of limitations..

As of yesterday, during a Memorial Weekend.. An Arkansas Judge ordered the Police Report on the Molesting of Young Girls by Josh Duggar to be destroyed.  Thats right.. to destroy the evidence….  Oh what a miscarriage of Justice…





If you didn’t know before.. let me tell you, Josh Duggar was running a firm in Washington DC.Untitled20150525082228

Political.. Oh yes.  Wandering the Halls of Congress.  CFpONVcUIAEkoDZ.jpg-large

Did members of the GOP know this story?  Untitled20150525083720



Now I have one more question.. how many other Molesting cases in Arkansas is going to be covered up to protect TV personalities and politicians?  

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