Fake Twitter Accounts

21 May

If anyone has trouble believing in fake twitter accounts.. its  time to wake up and realize.. hey their all over the place..  same face, with multi names.. on twitter, facebook, vine, instagram..  People apparently have not enough to do in their lives, but pretend their someone else..

Lets start with the newest – Twitter – Karla Hayes.. who is also Nana Howard, also has a user name of merrillhyske91, and then of course Ruth Martin

.. Cz7ZTeDN_200x200 Untitled20150521085833 Untitled20150521093032 Untitled20150521094905 Untitled20150521090458

Next we have:  Davida Henderson and Alix Moore who is also.. Sadie Hartman.. amazing huh.. Untitled20150519164028 Untitled20150519164321 Untitled20150519164806Untitled20150519164007

Next we have the amazing..  Charlena Cooper, Elaina Samson, Daniel Johnson, Tenisha Davis.. Untitled20150519165156 Untitled20150519165246 Untitled20150519165338 Untitled20150519165417

Now how did I find all of these multiple fake accounts, they came knocking at my door.

Untitled20150521101148and the rest is history.. except for Twitter support notification.. So, if by chance they come banging on your door on twitter.. well now you know.. fake is fake..

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