What a Great Giggle-Time

09 May

Several years past, I agreed to check out a hard-drive from a lap top.. He.. he.. he..he..  I couldn’t get it to come up on my lap top even with the right connectors, but something brought an issue to life…   You see.. There was this comment that was posted on radionewz, by none other that the executioner.. you know that vile snake person….  It had slivered out from under its rock and left a comment about some photos that might be found on Tim Holmseth’s computer..  Well, I had been aware of accusations from long time prior about some photos.. and knew that the person who’s voice was talking about them, still had them in  “redacted” possession..  They had never been shared.. Why .. because of the content on the photos..   This is where it begins to get good folks..  See about this same time, there was a search warrant that hit Tim Holmseth’s home, and they were after Tim’s Computer, smart drives, cell phones etc..  And they had a search warrant to take these items, not for searching, but for putting them in protective custody.. Now, I have a copy of that warrant, and I can tell you right now.. nothing in that warrant gave authority to even turn the computer on.. no search on the computer.. no search allowed on the smart drives, cell phones..  I knew between this action with that warrant and the comment that was posted on radionewz.. that the two intermingled…..

It took some time for that computer, and the rest of the items to be returned after the case in Mn was complete..  And low and behold, the computer that came back showed confirmed evidence that access was gained. So, there we have a warrant sworn before a judge to take possession of the property.. but not advising the judge that access was planned, why did they need to gain access? What did they believe was on that computer hard drive? Who would have encouraged this action? And what was the name of the officer? he he he ..

Now, this is the joke of the century..  I know who had the photos.. I also know who the photos were returned to, yes, they originally were given to “redacted” by “redacted” a member of the “redacted” family.. Which means that “redacted” knew back in March and April of 2009 of possible “redacted” abuse of a small child.  Of course photos were made available for “redacted” members.. one of which told about their access to the photos.. and claimed they gave them back to “redacted”..   Now, the hard drive, well it was given to PCSO for them to obtain a search warrant to enter into the hard drive, by the way these same photos were on the list of what to look for, and they were giving all the information needed about who, what, when, where…  So, PCSO knows about these Photos.. and they also know that they were given back to “redacted”..   Now.. its well known that those photos never left the state of “redacted”.. So there you go.. The Law Knows everything..

Now, if for some odd reason, since executioner made accusations about these photos some two years prior.. I still have a copy of that comment..  And for some strange reason, radio and executioner of radionewz, chose to write several articles.. one blasting th and calling him a pedophile.. I thought that was illegal to make such accusations against people.. You have to wonder whats wrong with these creatures on radionewz to be violating the law so readily, and your readers encourage your illegal activity..  You never know you might well end up knowing firsthand what its like to be thrown in prison..  Next, they rag on an on about this particular officer in Mn.

Now.. the question is.. if radio and executioner both know this officer, we have to ask how and why, and also why would their good friend “redacted” also know him.  There are thousands of out of state police officers, and many officers in a particular department, and this one officer was involved in the search warrant, and confiscating a computer..  So, how does anyone involved in radionewz know who this man is..  It brings the question up..  Was anyone involved in also involved with this search warrant? Were they in contact with this particular Officer?   What they aren’t thinking about is what is to come..  Harsh words can be thrown about, about court cases, but the reality is.. The case is still active. The judge has order an attorney for the plaintiff and the defense . And everything that is posted online, which might well include this blog article is going to be given to the plaintiff and the defense attorney. So, with a bit of smug.. I say to all of you that hang out over at the porn.. and slug blog of Just keep on going with it, you just put yourself right smack in the midst of the case.. just smart you aren’t.. So lets go on a hypothetical, if someone encourage a police office to search for specific information and it turned out to be null.. That person also referred to as acting as an informant, might not have the legal protection as a snitch as they think they do. Sometimes people just don’t know when to stop.. Or maybe it has to do with an article posted some weeks back….


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