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15 Apr

Have you ever wondered how  this mess really started?  Well I was original told by TH that Cobra aka William Staubs found him online, through one of Tim’s musical videos on youtube..  Well, I’ve questioned that, because Tim was easier to find through his articles online in the BIO-FUELS Magazines…..

Now, back in the spring of 2009, it seems that a group of reporters were found, befriended because they were needed to get information out, First of all, we had Art Harris, he was on TV and also opened up a forum.. Next, we had Simon and Jan Barrett, who had both a blog segment and a radio show, next we had TJ Hart who had a radio show and he also appeared weekly on the Barrett’s radio show, and appeared on TV on Nancy Grace, at least he did until the night she was calling for the step-mom who had run off.. this was back in September of 2009, and while she was going on about this disappearance, Ole TJ started yelling to her and her crew, that Misty hadn’t disappeared she was setting in the back of the staged area waiting for her interview with Nancy Grace.. Of course Poor TJ never appeared on Nancy Grace again. And low and behold they found Timothy Holmseth to write articles on his website.

As the time continued, . Art Harris would disappear into his own world, probably with relief, to get away from the crazy crap that was going on, hoping it wouldn’t rub off as a permanent stain..  TJ Hart was pretty open spoken about his participation and the people involved, next you find that Simon Barrett was far more interested in telling the truth which of course would make him a target.. Tim Holmseth, right off the bat in the Summer of 2009 ran afoul with the group..  And became the first target.. Emails to prior employers, phone calls, police reports, complaints to child protection..  It took him about a year or more to find out exactly who was involved in those.. Well the ex employer received the first phone call from none other than Art Harris, upset them so badly they called and made a police report on the phone call.. And you know who told TH about the communications?  Now we all know what happen to Simon, he’s still around, still has a radio show.. but he and Jan stopped reporting anything to do with a missing child, or the families attached. TJ Hart moved north, no longer involved with the case..  Needless to say, the only thing the crew members who were still remaining involved, didn’t have anyone to put out their case, so they had levi begin his radio show..  What was one of his first catastrophe’s, interview with Jone’s.. involving Misty..

Now, in this past article posted by the anonymous executioner.. on twitter.. it makes remarks on how Tim Holmseth is not a very good writer..  Well, who ever said the executioner per-say has the knowledge or the intelligence to make such a speculative comment. Narcissism at its best.. And why would the executioner be concerned about what Holmseth has written within the last couple of years, does it involve this thing of a person?  I wouldn’t think so unless the executioner’s real identity is being used in the Federal Lawsuit in Minn?  Is that why your concerned executioner..  Or is it your method of just showing your ass as usual.. Well, I hate to tell you.. but the Holmseth was hired and published as a writer and an author.. He owns his own publishing company, what say you to this internet troll?   Oh and by the way executioner.. were the articles on BIOFUELS the reason Timothy Holmseth was chosen back in the Spring of 2009 to write articles for the Crew?



redacted version

Now one must admit that it is very odd that these two elements are so closely associated, and by the way did you note that I did redact the names, to protect the innocent,..  and by the way,  the only innocent one to protect was  MYSELF

Now, lets go back in time to a dark night in Putnam County, involving a high speed pursuit, a 911 call reporting the incidence by one Misty Croslin. Back on the night that Charles Jones was waiting for  Ronald Cummings in the middle of the rode, armed.

Ronald was living with his grandmother in Welika, while Misty was living with her Brother and family and her Mom and Dad back in the Trailer park.. Seems, Misty called Ronald that night, and told him she wanted to talk to him about getting some of her stuff back.. Well oddly enough, that particular evening Ronald had Junior with him along with his 3 year old niece Nolancia, and they drove over to the Croslin residence, and instead of talking to Misty, he picked her up, and started back for Welika with Misty, Junior and Nolancia.. Low n behold, what do they find in the middle of the road waiting for Ronald.. Charles Jones, armed with a weapon..  As the Cummings vehicle passes this vehicle in the roadway, a high speed pursuit begins, Jones after Cummings..

Now, lets ask questions..

1. your aware that Charles Jones was sleeping with Misty?

2. Charles Jones had borrowed the vehicle that night to use in the Jones versus Cummings race..

3. And your aware that Jones brought a weapon with him.

4. This big questions,  How did Charles Jones know exactly what time Ronald was going to be coming down that particular road, Jones lived down in Georgetown.. Was this a setup, with Misty as a participant, was the intent to shoot Ronald?

5. Were the children in the vehicle the only reason Misty got in, hoping to ward off the shooting ?

Needless to say, all turned out fine, with no one hurt.. the babies were shaken up a bit.

And of course we could talk about the book Tim Holmseth wrote and published.. My favorite Chapter is still the one based on April 26, 27th 2009..  “The Saga of The Haleigh-bug Center”   One of the quotes that didn’t make it into the book.. ” Kick the %%%- damn door open”. One that did, “Need to take Haleigh down and drop her off at McDonald’s .. And the police report about that night that took a year and a half to appear.. Yes, a police report that disappeared for over a year and a half, where was it hidden? who hid it? why was it hidden? Wasn’t in the computer.. either never put, or was deleted.. by whom? And only one 911 call was received and recorded..

Has anyone ever ask.. How many little girls in Putnam County has Turners Syndrome?   We know that Haleigh did.. Did you know that there is another in Georgetown.. Same age as Haleigh..  and darned if the little girl isn’t the grandchild of Haleigh’s Step Grandmother..

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