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01 Mar

This was posted on Facebook by Mrs. Harriet Sweat, long time friend and associate of Lisa Croslin and Family.

“MESSAGE FROM LISA CROSLIN: Praise Report!! I visited with her this morning. She was moved from ICU into a room yesterday and is doing much better. She is hopeful she will go home in a few days. She wants to thank everyone for their prayers and asks you to continue. She has a long road ahead of her but is optimistic that she will receive her liver transplant sometime in the future. She was sitting up in a chair and eating lunch when I left. Our God is an awesome God!! “Vickie Sullivan”, “Tina Overstreet”, “Lisa Croslin”, “Hank Croslin Sr.””

And if you have any further questions pertaining to the condition or welfare of any of the Croslin Family Members, please contact either one of the family or you might contact Mrs. Harriet Sweat.

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