Old Friends and Birthdays

01 Mar

I’ve known SF for many years, I remember him well as a child, his brother and my younger brothers running around the yard at my Mothers house, when they were kids..  Of course SF has grown up and he’s suddenly 50 years old, and an attorney for Pete’s sake..

Now, I can assure all of you, that if SF were defending you in court, your in great hands.. Cause I know that SF could talk himself out of not only a paper bag but also a tightly pulled plastic bag..  Much like my brother Albert was in life,  SF is a smooth talker, and such a smiling face and convincing demeanor.. You can’t help believing and trusting everything he says..  Of course, the one factor remains, SF is trusting, honest and would never do anything to cause harm to another human being.. Thats the way he was raised, and thats the way he really is..

So to complete this story, our SF has turned 50 years of age.. He has a beautiful loving wife with a great sense of humor, and two beautiful strong little boy’s..  Now on this Birthday, his wife commissioned a cake from a great baker.. ML, ( not me)..   Just for SF.. And I’m going to share a photo of this great cake,  as I said.. his beautiful wife has a great sense of humor.. and so does SF for loving this gift..

Titled.. The ambulance Chaser..  Don’t you love it?


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