First day back on in awhile..

21 Feb

Just don’t know whats special about today.. its not valentines day, but the boys are going at it..  Now you know you’ve got pops asking for his buddies to help him rebuild his numbers.. since this is his extra account replacing his newly suspended one.. question is, why did they suspend him and at who’s request or for what major violation?  And does he as well as radionewz1 not anticipate being caught up with sooner or later.. Amazing, its not the account that is in violation.. its the fools behind the fingers typing the crap into it..  Now you have ole Levi moaning and complaining today about the weather, being snowed in, and how he can’t wait to get out  of tenn.. Well levi I can well imagine there are folks in Tenn that 1. so damn happy you live away from home, and 2. that you end up with wheels they don’t have to buy and you get to leave Tenn.. Why don’t you head south, I’m sure that wealthy attorney Murt keeps referring to, will let you move in with “she” as he stipulated, can afford to support you..

Now in the craze between the Levi and the Murt today, you find Levi throwing muck advising that Murt about a month ago was just begging this female with I want to meet you business.. when in fact he’ had questions in the close past, about his close relationship with this such referred to person.. Yet he has constantly denied..  Yet, here comes the Levi throwing it up in poor Murt’s face..  Murt’s response, hmm why does he keep bringing up that name?  Why does he want to chat with me?   Certainly no denials going on here, just a bit of vague pass it by and hope no one pays much attention to it..  So, you two chatters, gonna have to figure this one out..  All I could say to both you guys, this is one woman you two must share in your own ways, and always remember is you don’t do as your told, and when your told, and what your told to say and do.. you be in trouble and she leave you quaking in your boots..   I suggest you both get your man on, and stand up for yourselves and your brotherhood since your riding in the same boat.. Of course you both put yourselves there.  Me, I don’t really give a crap what you say to one another.. I’m use to the games now, and the manipulative manners used..   And I didn’t write anything about the pops, even after I was encouraged to do so.. Did not work boys and Gurls..  Pops you got this thing a going all buy yourself, and your gonna have to figure out how to get it finished. And by the way, a Police Report is a legal statement of what the illegal activity consisted of, and by whom.. Yep, its pretty darn accurate..  One thing you can’t change, you can only add a supplement to. Those are not accessible to the public, only the attorney who represents you. Funny, if your a victim the report is written in blood and considered absolutely accurate, when your the assailant it suddenly is faulty.. guess its all in who you talk with.. one side or the other..

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