Biggest Joke of the Month..

21 Feb

I know if I set back and do little to nothing, maybe at the most reply to some of murt’s comments, that the woollies would come out to play..   See, it really doesn’t pay to keep quiet about certain issues,  even just watching them play out their games..  I saw the suspensions and darned if they didn’t deserve them..  Eventually Twitter will realize that as soon as they suspend, the Crazy’s pop back up as if terrified they can’t be seen online.  Oddly enough they all ready have multiple accounts, they just have to continue running accounts in their names.  Well the evil ones come back time and time again.. Haven’t yet figured out that no one really gives a crap about them, and as they disappear again and again.. eventually they won’t come back..

Well, I had been told prior that this certain one was gone.. it came back up and I wonder who’s behind it..  The guy in the photo, I doubt that very serious.. and then you have to ask yourself if its not him, then its someone pretending to be him..  And the photo think it was taken from the guys Facebook..Screen Shot 02-21-15 at 02.27 PM  What people won’t do for attention.. So, we are giving them what they want attention..  now watch them bitch and moan because they got it..

The Rocket (@Rocketman1069)   Twitter_20150221132556

As I’ve said before, think this guy has moved on.. some time ago.. and the term barbie are you kidding.. there may well be a few Barbie’s in his real life, but the one who wants you to think its referring to is only in the imagination of a certain person..  May well be some close to 50’s women who look like Barbie’s, to be factual I know of only one who lives in Plantation, Florida and she does really look and act just like a Barbie doll.. The reality is, she doesn’t use her beauty to gain attention.

Screen Shot 02-21-15 at 01.41 PM

Now the other one,

crap ”

sure as hell doesn’t look like the barbie above, actually I think it looks like the one posted below..I guess the person on that twitter account, is a really far sighted, or dreaming..

…. Screen Shot 02-21-15 at 01.40 PM

So there you go folks.. the Barbie saga has been examined and the truths revealed..  Note: just as soon as I posted  this, I went back to twitter to block the rocket account, and it was gone.. the fake accounts play hit and miss.

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