It’s Valentines Day..

14 Feb

Valentines Day is generally for the couples who love to point out how much their relationship means to one another, and of course to the children.. visions of Cinderella bouncing in young girls heads.. Of course the Candy and Stuffed Animals for the children.  Oh the Holiday comes and go’s..

Now this past week leading up to the Holiday, was filled with speculations and commentaries.. and big interest in if I was going to get involved and write about it.. My answer was no…  Me, hell’s bells boys and gurls and goonies, I’m gonna set back and watch..  I figure sooner or later someone in that group of special people and I’m not talking about super intelligent.. talking about strange special.. you know.. like maybe odd things running around the inside of their skulls making their brain flash, is going to end up sticking their finger in a light socket and boy that hair will straighten out in a heart beat..

Now quite sure why this one person wanted to ride the bandwagon.. If this situation I’m not going to write about goes really wrong, someone is going down with them.. Although they just think their their smartest people in town, not what I’ve heard.. not to smart at all.


Anyway..  Lets go back to Valentines Day.. you know when your married, you can always anticipate a nice meal out, or a little party with friends and spouse.. But when you become unmarried and your in your mid 40’s, thats when the shock of reality shows up.. your gonna be setting home with the family, if you have family.. and be thankful for the time you have them home with you, cause once the kids are grown.. its a done deed.. They have their own lives to live and their own Valentines Day to take care of..  Now, if you have become unmarried but still hanging with the ex-spouse.. remember one thing..  you to this point have only thought about your freedoms and where you can go and what you can do.. cause your now single.. well that same your single clause, has made the spouse single too.. which means the spouse can come and go and party all they want, and you have lost any right to open your mouth,,  So, if your valentines day is setting at the computer or on your cell phone.. and your drinking cheap wine.. well thats about the story for many divorced people..

Gotta remember, if men your own age are looking for younger women, don’t look for that age group, actually the male age group you need to look for is somewhere around mid 60’s..  So, looking for younger men.. think about what in the heck does a 25 year old man have in common with a woman in her late 40’s.. if it were a 25 year old woman with a late 40’s man, well that might work,  cause he’s pretty settled, and generally has a good career and income..  Those work pretty well until he hits mid 60 and begins to look old.. Just think of the money your ex is spending on the new found world of freedom.. Its hard to make ends meet when your income is cut smack in half.. Or in some cases the spouses income was the primary to begin with, and now its not accessible..

Anyway.. Happy Valentines Day People..


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