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08 Feb

I was milling through articles yesterday, and came upon some very very strange commentaries made on the blog.. you know who’s blog.. and this is over the Christmas Holiday’s of 2011..    I was amazed at the people who were being beat to crap by .. none other that radio during that period of time.. by the way this was the same time period that radio or the name used, was buying up all kinds of gifts to be sent to the home of Tim Holmseth, his daughter and his son..  Anticipated that about a grand was spent.. now, rationally one would ask, if this is such a good hearted person, are there not children in Atlanta that needed a few Christmas Presents.. or even Christmas dinners, why go so overboard..  Actually this activity has been questioned by a number of professional people including law enforcement officers, who said.. why didn’t he send that stuff back.. Why, because there was an agenda present..  Think maybe it was deducted from someones taxes, but if it was deemed charity for taxes, I’m sure that the Holmseth Family would have an objection to that term.. and why would ole radio do this knowing that there had just been a case filed against Florida by the same person who called radio darling in one of these little articles..  And note that in one, there is a story told about Kim P. and Tim Holmseth going on a date.. oh yeah..  Tricia is slammed and another.. poor ole peabody catches hell.. levi is blasted by radio, and he has the nerve to direct comments toward me.. my response, now levi would you not over react if someone made a comment about your brother who is a law enforcement officer.. How would you feel bumpkin who apparently can’t hold a candle to his younger brothers abilities.. We don’t question his ability to do his job or to be an Officer.  We just question your ability to be a decent human being.  Now out of all of this crap put out.. one has to wonder.. who is this person claiming to be radio?  and why would this person as radio have had so much trouble in Putnam county with Cobra and list names and then says, he was the problem and he messed things up for all of them.. hey radio from Atlanta  or from Kansas city or from Arizona..  you were never in Putnam..  You didn’t show up for people to know you, until Art Harris’s forum in May of 2009…… Wow girl..  you sorta kinda messed up huh..  Hey girl.. Cobra was out as of April 30th, after he signed that lease in Don Knops name, then the boy left..  It was really the 27th of April that turned the tide..  And I will lay you a bet, on Saturday May 2, 2009.. The crew which at that point consisted as Cobra, that attorney, and Don Knop .. was gone from Putnam, they were in Ft. Lauderdale.. The Sheffield girls were in Baker with the Momma, Daddy Sheffield was at home with family in Georgetown, Ole Ron and Misty were home with Grandma Sykes.. Teresa was at her trailer home and so were the Croslin’s..  The question is, how can the whole thing that went wrong be Cobra’s fault? and labeled as such by whom?   The real story is what you need to hear..

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