First Day of the New Year..

01 Jan

I’m not sure if others are making resolutions.. I know I don’t.. What am I going to change.. my age, no don’t think thats going to happen, pledge to loose weight, well thats works on its own.. Been gradually loosing for the last few months, down 10 .. and didn’t gain anything over the Holidays..  Can’t give up smoking, been there done that.. Give up chocolate maybe, but thats all I have to give up for lent, so redundant to give up both.. Don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, guess I could give up my cokes..  I have a better one, gonna start staying completely away from Twitter..  Gonna change my Blog to something productive.. Gonna pretend that the crazy people pretending to live in Georgia and really living in Florida.. just don’t exist.. After all Hey, my new year is looking a lot better than others I’ve been told.. So, here’s a few photos of the new year..  This should keep people entertained.

woman-leaning-on-a-sign  548925_10151336921197687_1638084595_n 10906340_4686333053127_3408520839118102864_n      lean on me


Domesticgoddess-640x400  Well you know how it is, people leaning on

everything they possible can. Or should I say liening?

lumps of coal  I do wonder how many of you folks deserved and got coal and switches in your Christmas Stockings..


This is a must add…    1798356_505898719519470_1127068992_n

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