Yea Right..

27 Dec

Oddly enough, some people are so blooming stupid, they really don’t get it..  I know the truth already, known it for a long long time.. yet the white trash woman keeps coming back as another fake account..  Now its trying to feed me shit.. Think its really smart.. Damn woman, I have forgotten more about life than you’ve even known.. Problem you have.. you live in the moment, not even thinking about what is to come in your future..   Now, be real smart and try to remember, I’m not associated with either one of the other two you have addressed this to..  First of all, I hear of husbands and wives attend strip clubs together, kind of kinkie..   Second you have to be a criminal  breaking the law, arrested, charged and convicted to go to prison..  Know anything about of those elements?  Lets see, harassment, stalking, harassment against a person over 60 in Florida is a Felony, that would put someones sorry ass in prison.. Perjury, fraud, malicious prosecution, threatening people online, slander, libel, Drug Abuse.. Stealing, Assault, murder, threatening to murder people.. Lots of things can put people in prison.. which takes their voter rights away, all state licenses, firearm registration, concealed weapons.. Oh, are you by chance the same one that was afraid of having their finger prints taken?  always wondered why that would be such an issue for some people.. Only justification for that problem, I figure someone is afraid of their fingerprints matching something thats on file..  Did you by chance leave your finger prints somewhere your afraid they have found and tagged..  I guarantee you, if someone is afraid of being finger printed, that someone sure has a reason..

I hear that gas prices are dropping, and the price on homes and vehicles for sale. OH by the way.. the white trash monster person removed its fake account, knowing I was going to post about.. isn’t this one heck of a game to play.. always needing attention..


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