Returning to world of twitter freaks

25 Dec

And without doubt, returning to Twitter after several weeks of being too busy to deal with any of the crazy posting there.. I find the White Trash has returned to Twitter and knocking on the Twitter Door.. Some think its male, I think they go in that direction sheerly because its difficult to think of a female that is this ruthless, mean, nasty, vile, sexual deviant. But the bottom line, look at who its screaming about again.. only the few people in this world it constitutes as an enemy, and it goes after Roger Curry.. Why Roger Curry.. Because Roger Curry speaks his mind, and Roger Curry is the Man who paid for investigations of finding Haleigh Cummings. So, there are very few people who would ever consider Roger as an enemy, and a only one person who would scream stalker or harassment..  Of course thats all that person ever has on its mind, yet you must remember, that same screaming banshee will harass, stalker and abuse anyone it so chooses, even people you wouldn’t believe, have stood up and cautioned others on twitter because of the ruthlessness of certain people..  Isn’t it amazing, other people go on with their lives, yet a certain few continue living in this small strange vulgar world of abusing others.  Also amazing that it thinks its so impressive that it can run so many twitter accounts at the same time..   Guess what.. NO ONE CARES.. Evil troll woman, go away.. no one likes you, everyone I know thinks you need psychiatric help..  Look in the mirror long enough and you’ll see what we see.. a very sick individual..


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