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29 Nov

The beginning of the Thanksgiving Holiday, brought news to Ferguson, that I’m sure was ended to resolve the problems, and not fuel them.  The decision made by a Grand Jury, convened and chosen of both races, white and Black, along with both genders male and female.  Should have shown that the attempt to balance the Jury would help in the acceptance of their decisions.  They were provided all of the evidence available and the opportunity to accept and determine the actual events of the evening of the shooting.  The decision made, was not to bring charges against the Police Officer involved. Realism would tell you that this was not a racial decision, and it was not directed to punish anyone.  A decision based on the evidence.

But, the choices of those who decided to loot, burn their own community to punish the other race, was utterly ridiculous.  Who did they harm, themselves, their families, the community, the local business owners.  They used the decision as an excuse to create havoc and criminal activity.  Even to the point, of attacking an elderly man, who was a demonstrator, a supporter.. knocking him down, stealing his car and running over him.  Well, isn’t that special.  Now, if the police had caught this in progress and ended up in a shoot out with the thugs that stole this elderly man’s vehicle, would the same supporters in Ferguson have demonstrated against the police for trying to help one of theirs?

Ferguson.. is not exception to what occurred in Watt’s.. what did the riots, looting and demonstrations prove in either community, or serve a purpose.. No, both were the destruction of their own community, causing harm to their own neighbors, destroying business’s after by burning them, after they looted them, and the reality the business owners were also black citizens living in the same community..  So, what purpose did any of this serve?   Like it or not, looting is a criminal act its basically stealing,  burning vehicles and building is arson and it also is a criminal act.   And they made every attempt in Ferguson to cover their faces to hide their identity.

The first photos are of Watts,  riots broke out after a drunk driving a vehicle was pulled over and arrested by police.. Now if the drunk had run over one of the children.. would this have occurred?

watts2     watts 3

watts    watts riots 4

10388644_809549785790226_2131754345959567598_n  new hat, clean white shirt and pants, nice tennis shoes, match his hat.. and whats he doing? looting.. Please, pull up your pants, you don’t need to advertise.. we aren’t interested in what your underwear looks like..


<> on August 15, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.



A man walks past a burning building during rioting after a grand jury returned no indictment in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri 29906170001_3908603259001_video-still-for-video-3908557021001 buildings  Ferguson




Oh why the tears, this is one of the local shop owners, who owned a bakery and made cakes for the community.  Her lifelong dream, her shop looted and destroyed, to punish the white man.. But it didn’t.. it only punished her and her family and her employees, and the people who were depending on her to supply cakes for birthdays and weddings..  And she weeps and she has every right to be angry at her own community for destroying her dreams..


el-2 el-3


The elderly man on oxygen with the supporters, walked back to his car to change out his oxygen tank,  when he attacked, beat up, thrown to the pavement, and as they were stealing his car, the thugs ran over the elderly man..

Aren’t the families and parents in Ferguson so proud of their boys and men..

10712992_10152547193866733_7594293870473507869_n ScreenShot777 Martin


So, is the action in Ferguson what Martin Luther King advocated?  Why do we celebrate his Birthday every year, as a day of Peace and integration..  Becoming unified as one, without racial bias.


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