Long Winded and Idiotic

23 Sep

Radio has this long winded pile of crap, and demo of a fake accounts, which of course is either one she photo-shopped herself,  or its a remake of one of the 50 from several years ago..  Now we know that the radio spare account was made back in 2013, we have a date on that..  So, radio crew that are creating the fake accounts, trust me we are getting real close..  As far as the Lynda Lubner, who’s to say she’s real.. seems to be another version of the creature on radionewz.. could be the twin or could be the same person.. Split personality..



Come on People, we’ve seen this thing before.. why do you think the creature with the snakes for hair was created, each snake represented a fake account on twitter.



So this isn’t new.. its still going on, and to boot, it was going on back in 2009, 2010.. people with multi accounts.


Now, lets cover another issue, it really doesn’t make sense, since you and your twin sister sorcerer aka executioner both claim to be real people, you have very little faith in your own appearances and persons, all of you have come up with the same line over and over and over.. You people post,  any and all male persons on twitter who are in conflict,  all have the hots for Kim Picazio.. Doesn’t matter what male it is, you all make the same claim..  never do you post, oh Murt has the hots for Radio or for holly or for anyone else.. Therefore, you seem to  have a terrible opinion of yourselves that your not attractive enough or alluring enough.. It all has to be for one person alone, Kim Picazio.. Hey you guys are the ones who say it, I’m just pointing it out, so she needs to have your ass.. Hey I got proof.


Oh by the way, I have pointed this out to the men in question used in these comments over the last 3 to 4 years..

1. cobra

2. tim holmseth

3. Murt

4. Don

5. who else was it that laughed and said you girls wish..

Out of all 5, it was a Big No…. So the guys have it..  So, you girls need to drop that line, it isn’t working.



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