Poor Radio..

22 Sep

Amazing, that it sets back and claims the poor me ticket..  In the last few years it has been more responsible for fake accounts, blasting of names and reputations and then has the gall to say.. oh just filing complaints over nothing..

Bottom line, thats a ball face lie…. hypocrite – criminal – liar..  that is the best description I can honest come up with.. and get this.. I will file a complaint with Twitter, everytime you mention my name, my nickname, my real name, my mcgreggorsback.. don’t you get it..  you take the chance and put it out and then think its okay.. Lying dog you are..  of course we’ve known that for a long time..

You’ve been had by twitter, and you will be in their cross hairs for a long time to come.. and yes.. I promise, I guarantee . you mention me on twitter, your friends mention me.. I will take it straight to the complaint factory..  Do I give a shit what you think or you think your buddies should believe. No, I look at them and wonder what the hell is wrong with these people backing up the lying criminal dog that you are.

Don’t believe me.. try it.. also note, I have given others permission to file a complaint the next time your trashy sorcerer pops up, with my photos..  And ask me again if I think your involved.. hell yes by the skin of your nasty yellow teeth, and greenish hair.

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