18 Sep

We can make song on this.. anyone have a tune to set for .. “Radio’s having a Hissy Fit”..  And she had to search out another photo and come up with a new one..  You know,  the reactions shown tell the tale…   That was an “Oh My God Reaction”,   “Oh darn, tell me she didn’t post that !!”

wide eye

Wonder how long it took her to come up with this to try to cover the tracks.  Duh….


Just remember ..  Hey Gurl.. I hate to tell you, but the general peep does not use the word very often, and you just shouldn’t have had such an oh shit moment.. I can hear your other voices now..  Oh yea man, we believe you.. oh yea, your right.. You say that word all the time..  And then in DM the real one’s ask.. “Whatcha say that word means again? yea I got your back.”


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