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17 Sep

As usual, the Crazy’s don’t learn and just don’t believe that eventually Twitter will do one of two things.. They will get tired of the squeaky wheel and the complaints. although each complaint does have validity.   So, they will eventually cancel radionewzblog and Holly Folly, or they will cancel me..   Since I’m reporting violations do you really think they will cancel my account.  Someone in their customer service is going to start figuring it out.  By the way Folly,  with as many complaints they have received mentioning the negative commentaries on they don’t care if I call  you holly folly somewhere else.  As far as their concerned I could be doing that to your face.. Now, lets recoup for the week..   A few sly remarks have come up on twitter.. of course anytime you mention my name, nickname etc.. your going to be reported.. We already know that my photos.. lets see my old profile photo and now we find out they got a copy of my pond..  (Made with my own little hands and fingers..)  So the executioner with of course is radio wearing a disguise, wants people to think that I am her.. not likely for anyone to believe, I can assure you of that.. Then we had the discussion over Catholic values, which of course in the crazy group.. there are none..   We haven’t had the medical talk in awhile, which is advising.. if your still smoking and drinking the way you were in the past.. I suggest you go get your lungs and liver checked.. cause if you don’t stop doing those nasty things, the lungs are already black.. and the liver is coming up hard as a rock..  Lord only knows what its already done to your heart.. lungs      alcohol-liverwhere the heart is   Now, lets cover this.. healthy lungs and heart on the left, and smokers lungs and heart on the right.. So, if your smart you would knock off the drinking and the smoking cause its not doing you any good, looked in the mirror lately,  smoking yellows your hair and your face has a strange orangy tint to it..   Now with the liver, you turn yellow, your skin begins to look like a lemon drop.. and you can’t scrub it off.   Does your heart skip beats yet?  Ever have pain between your shoulder blades in the middle of your back? Don’t listen to me.. just keep smoking and drinking..   “Veniet Tempus, veniet tuus ”  Oh yes, we have a little bit more for show and tell.. and no Holly Folly you can’t steal the name that I have nicknamed U.   Now if you wish to use and label the names I have heard you referred to, such as thief and stalker, you might try to make those your own, but think you have to share these with you bestest  friends.  You know how it is.. Birds of a feather flock together And so will pigs and swine Rats and mice shall have their choices And so shall I have mine. A comment put out on radionewzblog twitter.. which is something that we’ve learned to watch for, its the signal.. the little thing,  to show ..  I know you know..  And your right I know.. Not one bit of doubt..


So this is to make you think they are beating up on Murt.. Slapping that man around.. and in the midst trying to make people think he is just all imagination..   And throwing that  KIM word around..   Now, as you read this little story put out it builds in crescendo,

 to the point where it ends with just one word..  

that word is the most important in the whole conversation.. Most people would look at it, and probably not think too much of it.. but the value of the word is not within everyday usage.. few times in your life will you ever use it..  much like Latin, unless your a Catholic and attending Ole mass where the entire Mass is in Latin, a few coined phrases you might run across..

Or unless your work in the world of legal.. primarily  as a prosecutor, and of course generalized attorneys who like to make deals rather than battle a case out in court.  Now the last time this word came out associated with anything radio, was back in 2010 in a forum discussion on Ronald Cummings, and the proffer he might be making to exchange information for time to serve.. in short to cut his sentence.. and it wasn’t radio using the term Proffer…. Yea I still have a photo copy of that conversation too..     So as you read radionewzblog, yes I did report the violation of her and folly using my name in their conversation.. and yes.. watch for the clues left..   CHESS tall tale signs left to follow just like cookie crumbs.

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