The Evil Within

16 Sep

We still have issues with a new fake attack twitter.. we have discussed it prior, Murt wrote an article and brought out the point that this fake twitter took such a legal stance and even openly voiced a name to attach to the “thing”. It comes and goes hoping that it can get a swipe in before its reported to twitter again, and I assure you.. if the poster is stupid enough to pull this trick and think they can get away with it, hey there comes a time..

You know it crossed my mind, that the creature behind this executioner @_TheSocerer_ if I ever got within sight of the beast, should I offer it a bottle of Holy Water, you never know it might do it some good. Most people believe that anything that is evil can’t enter a Church, well we know that’s not true don’t we..

Talking about Holy Water.. maybe we should cover the issue.. How many virtues do you think the creature behind the executioner has..
1. Prudencenope.. also called “wisdom,” the ability to judge between actions with regard to appropriate actions at a given time.

2. Justiceno – equal justice with this beast, uses the sword as a weapon against those it should defend..

3. Temperanceare you kidding None at all– also called “restraint,” the practice of self-control, abstention, and moderation; tempering the appetition.

4. Courageno, only cowardice, complete hypocrite. It hides under a guise, lies and strikes again like a serpent. also called “fortitude,” forbearance, strength, endurance, and the ability to confront fear, uncertainty, and intimidation towards others whom it should defend, has no soul.

Well there is no virtues found in the executioner, or the person whos fingers are on the keyboard.

But you also realize the need to avoid the 7 deadly sins.. Can you imagine anyone containing and actively being all 7 on a constant basis.. For those who like to play with Latin.. here’s both.. Latin and English..


1.Gula (gluttony)
2.fornicatio (fornication, lust)
3.Avaritia (avarice / Greed)
4.Superbia (hubris, Pride)
5.Tristitia (sorrow/despair/despondency)
6.Ira (wrath)
7.Vanagloria (vain glory)

As you can tell.. the 7 deadly sins describes the executioner aka TheSocerer completely..  You do know that there is a belief that each deadly sin is attached to a specific demon..

It’s important to realize exactly what your dealing with..  Can these elements be proven.. every-time it pops it serpent head up and begins to type words on a key board.

You know its funny, I ran across something today, and I remembered how many times fake people and fake accounts, fake emails have been sent my way to collect information, the evil one thought it might need.. So it must have become a game… It still doesn’t know how to quit..

There’s also something to remember.. When an 18 year old post someone holding a can of beer on twitter and makes a remark about it, versus a 16 year old being charged with possession of an open container in its vehicle.. I think that’s a world of difference.

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