An old villain I found today

13 Sep

I was milling back through ole records today, and I found an old villain.. The person who chose to play the villain isn’t too difficult to figure out. The impact came from those who posted comments, egging the villain on.. Those will eventually be posted, hope they remember how desperate they all sounded. The impact came with the woman who didn’t accept the matter as a joke, in fact it really up set her, in fact she really objected to those who were making fun of her, sad isn’t it when those who were responsible for these actions, though they were big time, and I didn’t think they at that point were going to be too happy, for time to pass and their bad behavior to be brought back out. So, keep an eye out, because the posting will come.. just a matter of time.. Maybe in October or November.. Maybe a nice Christmas Present to hand out to show people who really believe others are of kind and considerate heart, they weren’t nor are they now.. The point being, there was no heart being shown, just vile and cruel gang mentality.

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