Hey Murt..

08 Sep

Yep, I picked up on the fruitcakes..  Got the photo copies and already made the complaints..  I think people need to start worrying about their real lives and stop playing around on twitter.. Not gonna get any better for them, I can assure you, its going to get a great deal worse than they can even begin to imagine..  The real people behind the twitter accounts, which are few and limited.. Are already stretched, and bolster their own egos by creating fake accounts.  I’m not impressed, don’t know anyone else who is..  Folly Holly, will go back to the same ole crap only with another group.. how many groups has she been thrown out of?  Big question..  Her whole life like the pretend radio, astro and many of the rest.. are all one person.. One miserable person, who uses the web like holly to have some form of friendship and show people how much control that can exerted..  Yep, lots of bullshit..  And Murt.. If you hated him as much as you say, you wouldn’t have anything to do with him.. whats wrong he doesn’t show any of you plain, dumpy women any attention..  Thats about the jest of it.. Got to keep beating up on the Murt.. Now, this time they made him into a puppet.. Well folly holly thats what you’ve been now for what 3 years, nothing but a used rag doll..  Of course you don’t want them to know how fast you went running to the attorney that was after Pop, naw you don’t want them to know the info you turned over..  

So, here’s the scoop for the day..  Holly after Murt, stupid enough to add my name to the list.. of course I filed a complaint on you stupid, and will continue.. you mention my name and it goes straight to twitter. And how many will it take radio.. you got one too.  By the way, I see you signed up for 4 more years.. where do you get your money girl..   We could only hope you would let it expire and go the hell away, not as popular as you think you are.. 

Expiration Date: 2018-09-09T22:54:27Z

You know what I just figured out. its not just panama that has the full name, address, phone number and email address of the owner, and required by contract to keep it updated.. The company that owns the Web Server.. rules and regulations..

"g. Lawsuit. If we are sued or threatened with lawsuit in connection with Services provided to you, you
agree to indemnify us and to hold us harmless from all claims and expenses (including attorney's fees
and court costs) pertaining to such lawsuit. Under such circumstances, you agree that you will, upon
demand, obtain a performance bond with a reputable bonding company or, if you are unable to obtain a
performance bond, that you will deposit money with us to pay for our reasonably anticipated expenses
in relation to the matter. Such deposit will be drawn down as expenses are incurred. We shall not be
obliged to extend you any credit in relation to such expenses and we may terminate your Services for a
failure to make or renew such a deposit. We will return any unused deposit upon the conclusion of the

"c. Failure to Provide Proper Information. You acknowledge that if you provide any inaccurate information, or fail to update information promptly, you will be in material breach of this Agreement, which will be sufficient cause for termination of your Registration. You further agree that your failure to respond to inquiries made by us to the e-mail address of your administrative, billing, or technical contact then appearing in the Whois directory concerning the accuracy of any information related to your Registration will constitute a material breach of this Agreement, which will be sufficient cause for immediate termination of your Registration."

Darn, and they really believe I'm such a bad researcher.. catch your breath dumb ass, I'm not through..

By the way Crazies, anyone heard of a Robert A. Wipff?

Okay so they started again tonight.. not enough for them to do at home on a monday night..

ScreenShot046 ScreenShot043

Now, the next two shots are to remind you.. my little program works on twitter too..... but it also shows info when I'm on your
twitter radionewz.. recognize the two images? Let see what I can come up with.. you never know, since many of the browsers are open source.. Do you know what that means...... Oh yes, and to lie about people just visiting the account on Facebook.. to land on my Facebook, to even see my account you have to create a fake account, because I have all of you past and present
Blocked, not even allowing you to see my page. So again.. you had to create a fake page to see the front page only, and if I
connect anyone from my page with any of you.. they will be blocked too..


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