Going to let you have a view..

07 Sep

Now, let me tell  you a secret.. This is how smart the thief of photos on Facebook was.. don’t know it until I post the following image, just how easy it is to catch them..   You know how you can set a video cam up in your house and then catch someone doing something, and they have no idea how easy it was to catch them red handed..  

Well, you see there are programs out there, that take a little photo copy of every account profile and images posted by them onto your Facebook.. So, just visiting your caught.. photocopied and all someone has to do is go through the list until they find the thief….. And I am very methodical, and have no problem going through every darn one on the list..

And I mean on the list.. no one escapes..  Think I joke.. have a peek……..




ScreenShot1394 The Fallen Angel..  I remember this one from Twitter.. I’m sure others do also.

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