Oh MY Goodness.. Have you seen Murt’s?

06 Sep

I’m so shocked.. I had no idea who that creature was, and Murt named the executioner.. Oh my Goodness..  Now, it does make sense.. In the past when I fought with the snake aka executioner..  I would always have threatening replies from this same person that Murt has disclosed on his twitter.   I was even accused by the same person and threatened twice with law suits for even thinking that this person Murt has openly described was the Executioner.  After All of these past years, the threats the abuse that I have undergone, the harassment and stalking..  And Murt can freely make an assertion about who the Executioner really is. And openly questions it being a member of the Court on his Blog.  After the hateful comments thrown at me about involvement with Tim Holmseth..  Whom I know only through Phone and email conversations, I have never met personally, never gone to Minn.  He has never been In NC..  Yet, the executioner seems to know so much about Holmseth, far more than I do. 

You know, I still have both of the threats that I received by email.. yes, threats..  I still have both of them here on mcgreggorsback in a general post…  Thats when Mr. Boyle was forced to leave my Blog, after he had an altercation with this same person on another website, and then over the phone….  I’m in a state of shock here folks!!!  And it was the same executioner aka @_TheSorcerer_,  who had taken and used My photo from Facebook..  So confusing peeps..  The complaint to Twitter, and the Complaint to Facebook..   

Now, you would think that this person would be smart enough to remember, that as soon as you type something into twitter, that a copy of that is kept in the Twitter database for two reasons, one is for the National Historical Center, and the other encase a person wants a copy of their twitter.  So, by deleting your account so fast you think you got away with something, but you didn’t.. I got the complaint in, and they can still look it up… your a very foolish person.. 



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