Peanut The Flying Squirrel

31 Aug

After lots of research and photo study, its been determined that little Peanut is really a flying squirrel..  He finally took to the formula and not only growing in leaps and bounds.. He’s beginning to really move around.. His eyes and ears are still closed, but he boy has a sniffer.. he puts that nose down and sniffs  for feeding time. and seems to know the smell of my hand, and he crawls onto my fingers looking for his formula . We have gone from his wicker carrier to a box with a lid.  Peanut has decided he cannot be contained in the carrier, so he crawled right out.. I looked over on the carrier after seeing movement, and saw that little tiny head peeking up and over the side.. He was ready to go..   So the changes began.. Got the box.. make a warm plastic bag of water in a sock.. and his covers and a lid.. He had a good dinner and boy he’s out cold.. IMAG0566 IMAG0595 IMAG0593 IMAG0594 his little chest is still transparent, and you can see the formula in his tummy..  I watched him earlier on his back scooting across his blanket,  he seemed to be scratching his little head and back..  He’s a silly baby..   We still don’t know how old he really is..  tomorrow is his 10 day with the family and we know that his eyes won’t open until he’s 4 weeks old. 

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