7 Days in and we are still at it..

29 Aug

Cricket is a week older in the care.. Still too small to regulate his body heat so, we are keeping bags of warm water in his bed to help out.. He’s eating, lots of activity, moving around and fussing with he’s hungry.. The further we go, the more convinced I am that he really was just a new-born when he arrived in the laundry room on the floor.  The photo is 2 days  IMAG0560


old.. not much has changed in his appearance.. His eyes are still closed and so are the tiny ears.. He’s a Sweety..

Research on several items ..  The Native tribes and members of Northern Florida.. Families were known as “Dominickers”, and they did come out of the tribes of the Carolinas..  If your interested, here’s the info on the book.. By Pony Boy Hill



Next were several odd things that came about..  one was a posting on Facebook and I followed the link, and its two comedians who are showing the gifts of the Cayman’s .  How to hide a corporation with all the other hidden corporations, and how to hide your money..  Makes you wonder who has money hidden off shore..


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