Long 18 hours

23 Aug

Every two hours? That was suggested, but I found with this one its called demand feeding..  In short when he’s ready to eat, it better be ready for him to eat, and  yes it certainly is a baby boy.. 

Oh its been a learn in progress.. I have a small needle-less syringe I use for giving the pets meds,  was initially afraid of using it, fear of feeding too much milk at a time..  So, I started out with a new fine line paint brush for him to suck on.. Forget that.. 

Keeping him warm.. solution warm water in a plastic bag under his washcloths, and he is warm as toast and sleeping like a baby, but only after he had a full warm tummy, and that required the syringe and he has a mouth to fit it..  Never seen anything so small that could move so fast and turn in so many directions at one time, and I’m afraid of accidentally dropping him.. All the while he’s fussing up a storm and demanding his feeding.. 

So, we still have a baby squirrel alive and well, warm, full and sleeping..  


And oddly enough.. the cat hasn’t bothered the baby at all.

Now the rest of my well spent time, has been working on the Murals in the new Great grandbaby’s room..  Yes, this is the first great.. a little boy and he is due within the next 4 weeks..  I’m sure you understand the getting ready for a baby in the house.. My goodness, everything a new little human needs is overwhelming..  My Oldest Granddaughter and her hubby are having a little boy and chosen the name Nolan.  I rather like the name, its a family surname from years past. 

Anyway, we have everything washed and ready for Nolan, diapers and one’sies and swaddle blankets folded and waiting, and the mural’s are almost complete.. a few more things to add on Noah’s Ark.. like another monkey and a bit up touch up on the one who’s there.. fishes in the ocean, sun for the sky and a rainbow and one or two more clouds.. Thats the weekend chore..  And there is a major touch up needed on the vines and butterfly above the window.. 

IMAG0547 IMAG0548(1) IMAG0550

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