What the Cat Brought In..

22 Aug

For those of you who own cats, you know well that cats bring home gifts..  Sometimes its a cricket, a mouse, very seldom an adult squirrel,  once they grab hold of an adult squirrel they have their paws full..  Well, after a new breakfast treat, Mejia went for an outside tour, and upon returning, she left a gift on the floor..  Unharmed if you can believe that.. I was shocked..Photo0870_001_001

She brought home a very tiny infant squirrel..  I’m standing there wondering.. what am I going to do now.. very seldom do you see them this small and it had to come out of the nest, or in transit..  And Momma Squirrels do have a habit of bringing them down, putting them under a bush and going back up for the others until she gets them all down, and then she transfers them from the bush..  Problem is.. I don’t know which bush.. or what tree and no mommas in sight.. 

So, here in a small brown box on the desk, wrapped in washcloths, is a tiny little person.. and its drinking carnation milk half with water.. from a tiny paintbrush..  It has a squeakily little voice, and gets around quite well.. lets hope it continues to do so.. 

Oh My..   a new born to care for.. IMAG0546 IMAG0545 We will keep you updated on how it does,  guess I’ll just call it “Cricket”

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