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In February 2009,  a small child was reported missing from her bed.. Its difficult to say it occurred on a cold winters night, since Florida is generally not that cold..  

Now, over the past 5 years there has been great controversy as to the well being of Haleigh Marie Cummings.  I still stand as I have over the past 5 years, with an absolute belief that Haleigh is alive and well, and growing up so fast. 

There is no doubt in my mind that she bright and intelligent,  more beautiful today then she was at the age of 5.. I believe she is charming and very delightful.. Having overcome the difficulties her life has provided for her.  Will we see Haleigh this year, the 11th year of her life.  Probably Not..  As she progress’s into her teen years, I think she will eventually come into the public eye..   At her current age, I do anticipate that she is active on the computer, and she is aware of all of the controversy that has been thrown back and forth over the years.  So, on HaLeigh’s 11th Birthday, I would certainly suggest that people begin to be a bit more cautious, in their zest to cause harm..  I’m sure saying adverse comments about HaLeigh will eventually come back to haunt people..

My suggestion;  wish Our Sweet Girl a very Happy 11th Birthday,  August 17, 2014 is HaLeigh’s Birthday, and I wish her Joy and Fun on Her special Day.. 


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