12 Aug

Robin Williams, was in reality a stranger to all of us, very few actually knew the man personally. Very few of us spent a moment with him, had coffee, or looked into his eyes to see the pain that must have been lingering.. But, as it turns to reality, although he was a stranger, he was also part of our lives, and a member of our households.  Everyone knew Robin..   You could say, have you seen the new Robin movie and someone close at hand would say you mean Robin Williams. I so fear that his last few months or years will be thrown out and his image trashed..  I read last night a womans comments about how well he hid his demon’s..  So, I reminded her, we all have demons, just some are better at hiding them.. as well others at exposing others demons.

Yes, he did have ghost of drinking and drugs and suffered depression.   Okay, but that did not stop him from being the humanitarian he was, the ghost  only made him feel unworthy. And part of it may well be, the age that Robin was.  Growing old is not for the meek..  Acceptance of age,  winkles, muscle and joint pain, and the reality old habits must leave to extend the few years left.  And people’s concepts, oh their just Ole people, they’ve lost it..  The truth and reality is.. We may look old on the outside, but the inside, lingering in the brain you cannot see,  we will always be 25..

For those of you who’s hearts are broken by the loss of a Robin..  Remember that pain when you look at those around you, at the older ones.  Your days are coming also and how will you fair? One comment by Robin, that is continually  posted, that makes me wonder if this was the insight.. 10378008_735944579796023_5363281126088016387_n

So, I want Robin’s memory left as it is in my mind and heart.  A great Man, Father, Comedian and Person.  A member of my household in image and name.  We will miss you. 10568941_10153033275004056_5960706130768442276_n RIP.. 10599417_10152295376517091_5146740095101411224_n

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