Murt Versus Holly over Stolen Photo

08 Aug


Now, I’ve noted that Murt is still in conflict with Holly Folly over the photo that he claims as his personal property, a photo used for his Passport if I remember correctly, and Holly has a copy of the photo.. If I remember correctly radio tried to pass it off prior that since it was found on a website that it was not stealing.. Well, lets look at this situation..

1. Murt’s Photo..
2. Holly has it and is making alterations to the said photo..
3. Holly claimed on a legal document that it was her photo now.


This primary issue of ownership on photos was brought up by the owner of a Prestigious Law Firm in Central Florida.. In Fact its the Awarded Best  Law Firm.. and of course the Prestigious Attorney is Mark NeJames. Super Man, Super Attorney, Super Family Man.. Very Active in his Community?



Anyway Mark noted today on Facebook that his firm had been contacted by a person asking about the ownership of a specific Photo..!/MJVAfamily



Below are the basic rules…..

Copyright ownership_20140808091230

So the issue of murt versus holly should equal out to the same rule of law as those spoken of on Facebook..


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