What Wounds Radio..

07 Aug

You have nothing that has wounded me idiot.. so where do you come up with that? Nope, you’ve not worn me down..  you are just trying to hold that head up for your crones . showing how brave you are and how in control you are.. so laugh all you want.. teenagers do that shit all the time.. Problem is your way off the chart for being allowed to act like a teenager..

oddly enough, the only friends you have online.. is yourself and levi.. The rest of the folks, hate to tell you.. they talk about you behind your back.. Hey, none of them have the intent of going down with your sorry butt.. And oddly enough, i don’t think you tell the truth anyway.. its always the story you want people to know..  That one is getting real old.. 

People can honesty believe radio you and the other fakes you twit as.. your not a victim.. never have been-never will be.. you start the shit and then expect people to pity you…  

Do you hear strange voices in your head radio? Do you suffer from depression frequently? Is that why you reflected those comments at me?  Are you on consistent meds?  Been to you psychologist recently?  Do you have panic attacks?  Do you ever hide at home and avoid People?  You realize that you should never be drinking on top of anti-psychotic meds.. or any meds for that matter..  You have not been driving after you have been out drinking, have you?  Now what was this about Utilities the other day..  Since your the only one of the the 4 of us, You.. Murt.. TH.. and I, that post from its cell phone.. that proved within itself that we three had our utilities on, Power for sure.. cause we be using PC’s..  So, did u get your utilities straightened out?? 

I would say .. poor radio.. but  the truth is.. I don’t feel sorry for you at all.. I think you get what you deserve in life.   You throw shit at people all day long, and are fool enough to honestly believe, no one is every going to throw a pile back at you.. That’s really foolish of you.. 

Here’s Radio……

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