Radio, your ignorance is of no excuse..

07 Aug

You offer up your challenges to find out who you are..  Its coming.. That I guarantee. It might not be me.. it might turn out to be someone you know quite well who gives you up..  I might be the person you have harassed forever..  You never know.. if Murt does know.. he might well eventually give you up.. Now, does the Olson boy know?  Someone knows the truth.. and I can assure you, I will be one of the first to find out.. and spread it across the internet like a plague, that I will..

Radio.. fake that you are, hiding behind a website that does not show bravery, nor intelligence, it shows that you are a coward.. and that you intend to be a cyber-stalker and you intend to harass and bring harm to others.  That certainly doesn’t make you a good person, in fact rather trashy..

Its coming..  I do promise you.. as the shit begins to hit the fan and all the filth about you and your life and what you hide comes out.. You aren’t going to be setting around laughing..  

By the way.. All I have to do is prove who I think you are..  Maybe you didn’t read the message I posted yesterday about the supreme court rulings..  

It’s coming…..  Doesn’t it just burn your ass to think you have no control…  Here you go,  you fighting with yourselves again…..


Oh by the way.. this back and forth is sure keeping my stats up and going.. Maybe I’ll get another award… duh..

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