Got Yourself in a Mind Radio..

07 Aug

First of all, the image of the zombies include you.. Second, we are not friends therefore do not call me by my first name.. third, your really the one who has slipped up, because you know i have you dead to right..  As far as me having to prove anything further to you..  Not gonna happen.. And finally look at you.. hiding behind fake names, fake images..  you don’t consider that lies.. hidden agenda’s.. hypocritical..  People can either believe what I post or not.. their choices, what you think.. I don’t give a rat’s ass about your opinion.. 

So.. there you have it.. The only thing your going to get from me, is outing you.. the complete honest truth coming out.. You had your chance..  you could have set back and not had to worry when I called checkmate..  but not you.. you have to have the last damn word.. and that one is going to cost you big time..  

What goes on between you and Murt, or you and Tim.. is your damn problem, not mine.. and you bet I keep reporting you to twitter.. and eventually its gonna stick like glue.. and your gonna be gone..






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