Told You Radio was a Shell

05 Aug

cracked egg


The Ole egg shell is falling apart, and using emails as an excuse..  And she can read my mind, get that cracker a crystal ball..   Now, lets share some truth about  Ole radio.. How many different times in different names have you emailed me, striking up conversations..  Just so later someone, that you mentioned, could say, “Hey I know what you said about me”..  Well, I want you and your many faces to know.. What I’ve said about you in the Blog,  what I’ve said about you on Twitter, what I’ve said about you on DM’s – Pm’s or just plain messages or Text, and what I have said about you on emails or phone calls.. I would not hesitate to say directly to your face.. So there you have it..  Thought you could trick the Ole girl did you.. been working at that for how many years now?   Here you go radio.. toys to play with..  They all ring your bell.. email..

caracol-cibernetico executioner graphics-email-951951 smail

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