I told you Radio was a Fake..

04 Aug

With all of these different Theater images to choose from.. ole radio chose one to give you a concept of Fox.. in Atlanta.. merging concepts and ideas.. Actually the photo came from the dictionary site.. The choice was a psychological impact.   See there were other choices..  now the choice of Atlanta, was probably because this is where Art Harris resides with his family, and his business.  Is he associated at all with the daily running of  No.. I would not think he would even consider such an effort..  He’s much smarter than to become involved with a hate site.. And probably given warning out to others of their involvement  but of course it would go unheeded..



Now you want to see how protected radionewz really is..  not as much as you think..  First of all, they hit radionewz with the cell phones posting both on the twitter account and the website..  its like its a one sided conversation..  Leaving the one side on radionewz, thinking that people would be accepting, seeing this that a major conversation has been going on.. knowing that its going to be reported to twitter, but those that you are conned into believing to be on the other end.. Hey, if they were they cleaned that sucker up..  delete, delete, delete.. Isn’t it amazing that to make statements, rude and crude.. and hit that delete button for sure..

Still and all if there were a two sided conversation, I think there would be more residue left.. than radio setting there posting to itself..  Bottom line.. radionewzblog is a shell.. and communicating with it, is no more than a shell game….


See, even I can make a radionewzblog site…..  wow..   Have you ever seen a photo of radio? or of radio’s life?house? car? family? anything that would make you believe it is a real person.. The answer is and has always been No….

Now stop and think for just a moment or two.. if I’m such a bad person for fighting back, how can they become the victim when they are the actually bullies, attackers, stalkers and abusers..  Isn’t it odd, they find it perfectly normal to go after people.. brutalize them, and suddenly if someone stand up to them.. that person is mentally disturbed..  I rather think thats a method they use frequently, and for those of you who swallow the bait.. your very foolish, and very conned and manipulated….  Games up people.. there is not real radio, there never has been.. take your choice one who pretends and who owns.. you have a right to know.. and you have a right to your own opinions…..

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