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03 Aug

What part of Checkmate did you not understand?

CHESSpansys  pansy cakes99

So Levi.. you know, Pansy’s are one of my favorite flowers.. We grow them through the winter here in NC.. You can also dampen them, dip them into sugar and freeze them.. and then decorate cakes with them.. Did you know that..

So tell us, do you obtain assistance? As far as people having to worry about their bank accounts and being overdrawn.. is this one of your issues? Do you even have a bank account? or just a debit card for monthly income.. what week do your receive your assistance? Is it geared to your birth date? Tell us Levi, are you on Medicaid, is that how you paid for your Surgery this past year?  For people who seem to suffer with your bad attitude and temperament, I must ask you if you suffer from say bi polar issues?   After all you don’t work, you set home on the computer all the time,  you managed to weasel yourself on a tv program from time to time, but thats only a matter of time before they figure you out..   I would suggest you worry about Levi’s insufficient funds  and leave other people alone..



Now its radios turn.. apparently you don’t pay attention to reason.. and I’m not going to put up with either one of you.. now the question I have.. are you sure its not your own utilities cut off again.. after all your utilities would be the only one you know about, and I’m not having to use a cell phone, I’m on a regular powered computer..   Makes a difference to figure out who’s having problems and who isn’t..  If I had to depend on a cell phone to communicate with the web the way you do.. the questions are always there.. cell phones work when the power is off  so, how long did you say, has your utilities been out – there radio?  any hope of getting your bills paid and caught up,  so they might cut it back on?


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